Beyond The Return

“Beyond the Return: Decade of Restoration” is Ghana’s new initiative aimed at maintaining the momentum of Ghana’s “Year of Return” 2019. The “Year of Return” revitalized the African spirit and revealed the enormous possibilities available to black people all over the world once we reunite as ONE Pan African family. For the Abrahamic traditions, 2019 signified the end of the 400 years of enslavement and oppression. Ghana’s “Year of Return 2019 call for African descendants to return home, resembled Moses’ demand to Pharaoh to “let my people go!” With our faith in prophecy and promise, we overcame the sea of fear and doubt and marched boldly into the wilderness of Africa with hopes of exploring how our talents and wealth gained in the Diaspora could be joined with African resources and sovereignty. Our African Traditionalists believe the spirit of our ancestors are calling us to return to the center of our African spirituality, lest we wander in the wilderness again, struggling to make the promise land our reality.

Throughout the decade of “Beyond the Return,” The God Box Spiritual Pilgrimage will be empowered by the theme “Coming Out with Great Substance.” This will reflect the aftermath of the 400-year concept where the people of God come out of their state of bondage with great wealth, talents and resources. In addition to our spiritual experiences, GBT plans to have pilgrimages throughout the decade that will aim at bringing Africans from Diaspora who are interested in taking advantage of the Land, Business investment and Dual Citizenship opportunities in Ghana.

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